Startup Societies Summit: January 19 8 AM

Hi everyone feel free to buy your tickets using the 15% DC Blockchain Meetup code: dcblockchain. They are looking for speakers and sponsors for the local event.

The Startup Societies Summit will be hosted at Georgetown University Law Center on January 19-20th.

Contact Joe McKinney -
More information @

In order to rebuild, Puerto Rico should equip communities with renewable energy and telecommunications infrastructure, such as solar panels, solar cells, water filters, mesh networks, hydroponics farming, and fiber optic cables can empower Puerto Ricans.

The goal is to make these communities self-sustaining and focused on 21st Century solutions, putting Puerto Rico at the forefront of the green tech revolution.

However, smart infrastructure alone will not rebuild Puerto Rico. Aid and rebuilding efforts must be innovative and based on local knowledge. Moreover, friendly business environments are crucial for sustainable economic redevelopment. Special jurisdictions with more innovation-friendly policies are the solution. Cities such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Dubai, grew from nothing within the span of a few decades due to innovative policies.

To remain competitive, Puerto Rico should also turn to blockchain technology:

E-government — which can drastically increase transparency and ease of doing business
Initial Coin Offerings — to tokenize land holdings and municipal bonds in order to attract capital
Blockchain Regulations — streamlined in order for Puerto Rico to become the "Crypto Capital" of America
With state of the art infrastructure and an entrepreneur-friendly environment, Puerto Rico can make startup cities to rival the Silicon Valley as the tech capital of the United States.


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